The Tobacco-Free College Campus Initiative (TFCCI) Challenge is a national effort to engage all colleges and universities in implementing 100% smoke- or tobacco-free campus policies.

Across the nation, growing numbers of campuses are going smoke- or tobacco-free. The TFCCI Challenge brings together college campuses and local, state, and federal tobacco control programs in a unique partnership to help institutions of higher education begin the process of going smoke- or tobacco-free. The TFCCI Challenge's ultimate goal is to ensure that all colleges and universities are 100% smoke- or tobacco-free and to continuously encourage and recognize campuses that are working on comprehensive policies.

By adopting a smoke- or tobacco-free policies,campuses can make an enormous impact on the life-long health of the students, faculty, and staff that live, learn, and work at the college or university. Experience shows that 100% smoke-free policies effectively reduce tobacco use by preventing initiation and making it easier for smokers to quit. Smoke- and tobacco-free college campus policies specifically decrease smoking rates and positive attitudes toward tobacco use.

The Challenge recognizes the American Non-Smokers' Rights Foundation's criteria as the top tier. While the Challenge provides recognition for all smoke- or tobacco-free policy, campuses taht meet ANRF's policy criteria recieve the highest recognition level (described below), the Graduate level, which is comprised of campuses that are 100% tobacco-free, vapor free and also on ANR's list. 


Join the TFCCI Challenge!

The TFCCI Challenge provides technical assistance and recognition to campuses working on smoke- and tobacco-free campus policies. College and university leaders can join the TFCCI Challenge by completing the commitment form. Campuses that already have policy or have set an implementation date will be recognized for their achievement. These campuses will fall into one of the following categories based on the strength and comprehensiveness of their smoke- or tobacco-free campus policy. TFCCI Staff will review each campus' policy to determine which level they should be recognized. 


Campus Designations

Gold, Gold+*

Platinum, Platinum+*



Gold Campuses either have a date of implementation set or already have a 100% smoke-free policy successfully implemented on all campus grounds and properties.

Platinum Campuses either have a date of implementation set or have a 100% tobacco-free policy successfully implemented on all campus grounds and properties.

Graduate Campuses have already implemented a 100% tobacco and vapor-free policy, and only have exemptions based on the American Non-Smokers' Rights Foundation's criteria. (See below for summary of criteria)

*Gold or Platinum level campuses that also include a comprehensive e-cigarette policy will be given a Gold+ or Platinum+ enhancement. 


Gold Campus

Gold Campuses either have a date of implementation set or already heave a 100% smoke-free policy successfully implemented on all campus grounds and properties.

Platinum Campus

Platinum Campuses either have a date of implementation set or have a 100% tobacco-free policy successfully implemented on all campuse grounds and properties. 

+Plus Campus Enhancement

Gold or Platinum level campuses that include a comprehensive e-cigarette policy, will be given a Gold + or Platinum+ enhancement. 

Graduate Campus

This is the HIGHEST recognition level for the TFCCI Challenge. Campuses can enter the Challenge at the Graduate level ONLY if they have already adopted a 100% tobacco and vapor-free policy and only have exemptions based on the American NonSmokers' Rights Foundation's criteria. Campuses that are already on the ANRF list are encouraged to sign up. 

Don't have a policy yet? No problem! 

We are available to assist you in this important endeavor. Sign up onto the TFCCI Challenge to receive technical assistance in the following areas:
  • Forming a campus tobacco taskforce

  • Developing an Action Plan

  • Assessing tobacco-related issues on campus

  • Educating campus members about the need for and benefits of a smoke- or tobacco-free campus

  • Drafting a smoke- or tobacco-free policy and promoting it on a related website or webpage

  • Establish and promoting smoking and tobacco cessation resources on campus

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