Programs & Campaigns

Since 2012, there have been several key leaders in the national progress made on smoke- and tobacco-free campuses. Each of the following organizations has a program, campaign, grant or event that you and your campus can participate in in order to help you with a healthy campus policy. This page is currently under renovation and will include additional information soon.

HHS’ Tobacco-Free College Campus Initiative (TFCCI)

The Tobacco-Free College Campus Initiative is dedicated to the promotion of the adoption and implementation of comprehensive tobacco-free campus policies at institutions of higher learning across the nation. TFCCI encourages and supports the use of policy as a means of changing social norms on campuses for the purpose of preventing, reducing and discouraging tobacco use by faculty, staff, students and visitors, and protecting innocent bystanders against involuntary exposure to harmful secondhand smoke.

Initiative Goals:

  1. To foster collaboration and cooperation among academic institutions and public health partners
  2. To expand awareness of the need for and benefits of such policies
  3. To share information and facilitate access to technical assistance
  4. To recognize progress made by individual institutions

TFCCI’s Campaigns: