Policies & Templates


Policies for college and university campuses should include several key areas such as an Introduction, Purpose, Definition, Policy specifics, Compliance and Exemptions. The following templates and models serve as an example for writing tobacco- and smoke-free policies specifically for college and university campuses. It’s important to remember that every campus and college is different, and policies can and should vary between institution to ensure it is well thought out and enforceable.

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Examples of Major 4 Year Universities & Systems

Examples of Community College/Technical Schools

Additionally – all community colleges in North Carolina are 100% Tobacco-Free. Learn more about their state-wide system here.

Examples of Minority Serving Institutions

Examples of Health Professional/Medical Institutions

State Wide Campus Policies

  • Arkansas, Public Institutions
  • Iowa, Public and Private
  • Illinois, Public Institutions
  • Louisiana, Public Institutions
  • Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, Public Institutions

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