The Tobacco-Free College Campus Initiative is encouraging campuses to take a 1Day Stand on March 15, 2017 to celebrate the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids’ KickButtsDay. Building on their mission of helping people quit tobacco for one day, the 1Day Stand calls upon college campuses to adopt a tobacco-free policy for one day.

By hosting a 1Day Stand event at your campus, you can start a conversation that ends in a healthier campus for all. Our goals for the event are to:

  • Encourage students who use tobacco to quit for the day, with an aim to quit for good
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of tobacco-free campus policies
  • Promote the adoption of permanent smoke- and tobacco-free campus policies

Is your campus taking a 1Day Stand on March 15? If so, please register your event to receive updates and information.

Below are tools and information to help you implement the event on your campus.


Take a 1DayStand!

Sign up here and Let us know that you’ll be participating in the 1DayStand on 03.15.2017!

Additional ideas and resources for 1DayStand can be found in our Student Toolkit: Create Change.
For more information on the 1DayStand – please contact us at tobaccofreecampuses@gmail.com.



Creative Print Materials and Collateral



Take a 1DayStand Against Tobacco

Fight for Minty Fresh Breath

Go Ape on Cigarette Stank

Communications Toolkit

  • How to Guide: A list of suggested activities that can be done prior to and on the day of the event – as well as follow-up actions to support long-term policy change. Includes creative ways to raise awareness on your campus.
  • Talking Points and FAQs: Talking points for campus spokespeople and answers to questions regarding tobacco policy change will assist with any presentations.
  • Newspaper Article: A template article that can be tailored to your campus’s specific outreach plans and placed in your campus newspaper.
  • Radio PSA: A radio public service announcement (PSA) script that can be recorded and broadcast on the campus and community radio stations.
  • Social Media Content: Sample tweets and Facebook posts to share with students and post on campus social media platforms.
  • Sample Survey: Recommended questions for gauging student feelings towards tobacco use on campus and interest in a long-term policy.