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Additional ideas and resources for 1DayStand can be found in our Student Toolkit: Create Change.
For more information on the 1DayStand - please contact us at tobaccofreecampuses@gmail.com.

Creative Print Materials and Collateral

Take a 1DayStand Against Tobacco

Fight for Minty Fresh Breath

Go Ape on Cigarette Stank


Communications Toolkit

  • How to Guide: A list of suggested activities that can be done prior to and on the day of the event – as well as follow-up actions to support long-term policy change. Includes creative ways to raise awareness on your campus.
  • Talking Points and FAQs:  Talking points for campus spokespeople and answers to questions regarding tobacco policy change will assist with any presentations.
  • Newspaper Article: A template article that can be tailored to your campus’s specific outreach plans and placed in your campus newspaper. 
  • Radio PSAA radio public service announcement (PSA) script that can be recorded and broadcast on the campus and community radio stations.
  • Social Media Content: Sample tweets and Facebook posts to share with students and post on campus social media platforms.
  • Sample Survey: Recommended questions for gauging student feelings towards tobacco use on campus and interest in a long-term policy.