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Impacting Compliance on a Tobacco-free Campus: An Innovative Ambassador Program

Blog Post - July 30, 2014

By Dr. Melinda Ickes

We have much to celebrate when it comes to the tobacco-free policy movement across college campuses nationwide. According to the most recent ANRF data, there were 1,372 campuses with 100% smoke- or tobacco-free policies, 938 of which were tobacco-free. As we strive to support successful campus policies, one of the most frequently asked questions relates to promoting compliance. How do we improve policy compliance to ensure that these tobacco-free policies impact the campus community as intended?

University of Kentucky (UK) developed the 
Tobacco-free Take Action! (TFTA!) Ambassador Program in Spring 2011 to encourage an environment of compliance on UK’s tobacco-free campus. Since then, TFTA! has evolved immensely, transitioning from a campus-wide call for volunteers, to piloting the Ambassador approach with undergraduate nursing students, and finally to hiring four part-time Ambassadors during Spring 2012. Throughout this three...

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