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Making Smoke- or Tobacco-Free Policies Work!
Blog Post - June 25, 2014
By Ty Patterson, Executive Director for the National Center for Tobacco Policy

Seventeen years ago I was asked by the president to look into getting tobacco off the Ozark Technical Community College (OTC) campus. In December 1999, the OTC Board of Trustees adopted a policy making OTC tobacco-free in August, 2003.  In the three plus years that followed a campus wide education initiative led to an uneventful implementation of the policy.  Though not perfect, compliance with the policy has exceeded expectations since. 

It didn’t take long until other institutions started asking about our policy.  In 2004 we performed our first on campus consultation at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.  Based on my experience at OTC and working with many other institutions I have helped hundreds learn how to develop, implement, and achieve compliance with smoke-free or tobacco-free campus policies.  Most everyone agrees the biggest challenge to such a policy is getting people to...

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