Most successful 1DayStand, ever!

We are proud to say that this November 19, over 70 campuses are participating in our 1Day Stand, making it the most successul campaign ever! The 1Day Stand is an opportunity for college campuses to celebrate the Great American SmokeOut, by promoting tobacco cessation, raising awarness about the need for a smoke-or tobacco-free policy on campuses, and even trying out a policy just for the day! By particating, students, professors, teachers, staff, faculty, visitors and everyone on institutions of higher education are 

Taking a 1Day Stand or holding other Great American SmokeOut events on campus? Let us know by engaging with us on twitter, instagram or facebook, or shoot us an email with your pictures, comments and more, here.




Take a 1DayStand!

Learn how you can Take a Stand against tobacco on November 19, 2015 to celebrate the Great American SmokeOut right here!

Video Highlight - Webinar: Create Change!

Learn how you can be a leader in this movement and inspire your peers to action and get decision-makers on your campus to change policy. Learn about the policy development process, the specific actions you can take, and the free resources available to help you create change. Find out more here!



Student Toolkit!

Create Change: A Student Toolkit from the Tobacco-Free College Campus Initiative is designed to support students interested in advocating for and promoting a tobacco-free policy through tips, tools, and resources.

Click here to view our online version and to download the .pdf version!


1DayStand Twitter Chat

On November 5, the TFCCI (@tfcci) ran a twitter chat, with the U.S. Surgeon General (@Surgeon_General), the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (@HHS_Health), NASPA (@NASPAtweets) and Go Tobacco-Free out of the University of Kentucky (@GoTobaccoFree)! Read more here!